[Samba] Problem Configuring 3.0.1 on Solaris

Brian Conway brian.conway at IngenicoFortronic.com
Mon Feb 9 13:36:38 GMT 2004

I am having problems with the configuration of samba 3.0.1 on a Solaris 2.6
box. This box has no previous samba versions installed.  
When I try to configure samba I get the following error.
# cd samba-3.0.1/source
#./configure -with-ads 2>&1 |tree config.new.log  
fails with the following error:-
  checking for LDAP support... auto
  checking ldap.h usability... no
  checking ldap.h presence... no
  checking for ldap.h... no
  checking lber.h usability... no
  checking lber.h presence... no
  checking for lber.h... no
  configure: WARNING: ldap.h is needed for LDAP support
  checking for Active Directory and krb5 support... yes
  configure: error: Active Directory Support requires LDAP support

I installed ldap on this box then removed the samba-3.0.1 directory and
untarred it again before running the ./configure script which failed with
the same result.

When I  run "make" I get 
# make: Fatal error: No arguments to build

I also came across Bugilla Bug 350   WARNING (present by cannout be
Is there a work around for this bug and is anyone else having a problem with
the configure script on solaris 2.6???
Brian Conway
*E*: brian.conway at ingenicofortronic.com
<mailto:brian.conway at ingenicofortronic.com> 

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