[Samba] samba binded to private IP

Anshul Gupta tech at anshulgupta.com
Sat Feb 7 10:21:30 GMT 2004

On 07/02/2004, at 9:04 PM, Jaroslaw Berezowski wrote:
> If you mean binding to LAN eth interface the answer is: YES.
> See: interfaces, bind interfaces only.

I used interfaces and bind interfaces only.

My setup is as follows,

  <public> HOST1<privateip> ------ <private-ip>HOST2 <public>

Host1 and Host2 are connected back to back. Now if Host1 has samba 
binded to private IP, Host2 cannot connect to it. There is no firewall 
on private interface.

But if Samba listens on public IP, host1 can connect. I was wondering 
if samba binds itself to hostname  like in windows.


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