[Samba] Suse 9 Konqueror/Samba problem

Fabien Chevalier fabien.chevalier at supelec.fr
Sat Feb 7 09:11:49 GMT 2004

> I can access Samba and Windows share on my newtork (I have
> Samba on linux server) and some  W2K Server.
> From my SUSE 9 Professional client within Konqueror I can
> create, delete file, rename and even overwrite files on the
> share of my server (Samba or Windows).
> But When I open the file (file.txt or any other type) within
> Konqueror on a Samba
> share (by example right clicking and choosing open with..) I
> got the error
> 1) Access denied to smb://server/share/file.txt" if I try to
> open file.txt resident on a W2K server
> or
> 2) File or Directory smb://server/share/filextxt" do not exist
> if I try to open file.txt resident on Linux (Samba) server.
> I notice that when I choose open (with Kedit by example) the
> file, a windows appear that seems to download the file to
> /tmp/kde-myuser and create the file with a temporary name.
> After that I get the error, but If I browse this directory I
> can find the temp file, open and edit it.


This is not the right place to report issues. You should check with
KDE guys.
As far as i know, the feature you're using has very few developers
working on it, as it was initially developed by Caldera.
By the way, i suppose you're using Samba 2.2.
I know this is really buggy.
To solve your issues:
  - Upgrade de Samba 3 (Or at least libsmbclient from Samba 3)
  - Upgrade to KDE >= 3.1.4, compiled with kio_smb libsmbclient support.

This is my setup and it works rather fine.


Fabien Chevalier

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