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-|Hi all,
-|I'm running samba 2.2 as a domain master on redhat7.3 os.  Just recently
-|we started subneting the network.  I have entries for the domain in the
-|dns servers.  But for some reason I can't autenticate to the domain.  I
-|have noticed when I try to authenticate that the requests are not
-|reaching the server.  Every time i try to logon I check the samba log
-|files but i see no activities.  Did any one try to use samba on linux
-|boxes as a domain master and authenticate through different networks?
-|What am I missing?
-|Thanks for your help
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We currently run out LDAP domain master from a separate vlan as well;
however, to my limited knowledge on this, I've only thought of a couple ways
to get it to work.

1.  import a hosts file into the windows clients before joining. Its as
simple as a text file with


2.  Set WINS support up in your smb.conf file, and then put the WINS ip
(your server IP) in your DHCP to send out.  This works as well and requires
no individual touching.

The main difference is what you are wanting to do with your vlans.  I work
for a school system, so we chose option #1 since that way you do not have
NetBIOS name resolution for every machine that's on the network.  Since we
are trying to keep vlans as a tier of our security policy, showing students
what's in an admin vlan isn't a good idea.  If you are using vlans primarily
to get more IP's available and everyone seeing one another via NetBIOS isn't
an issue, option #2 is a lot easier. ;)

Hope this helps

Toby Schaefer
Nixa R-II School District

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