[Samba] Solaris 9 and secondary group info from LDAP

Sojka Reinhard reinhard.sojka at parlinkom.gv.at
Thu Feb 5 19:00:27 GMT 2004


we are running several test installations of Samba 3 on Solaris 8 and
Solaris 9. On Solaris 9, there is a strange behaviour in terms of
getting secondary group information from LDAP.
With later revisions of patch 112960, only /etc/group is  interpreted,
but there is no query on the LDAP server for (Unix-) group information. 

Here is a short overview about our results:

common configuration: 
        * OpenLDAP-Server
        * native Sun LDAP-Client 
        * Samba 3.0.x (last: 3.0.2rc1) with LDAP support 
        * OpenLDAP Libraries

        * Solaris 8 with patch 108993-23 -> OK
        * Solaris 9 no patches (=very first version) -> OK
        * Solaris 9 with patch 112960-03 -> OK
        * Solaris 9 with patch 112960-08 or higher -> no info about
              secondary groups from LDAP server (no query in server
              "truss" shows errors)

This behaviour can be watched very nicely in the LDAP server logs, and
if you do a truss on smbd with

truss -u '*' smbd -i

the result looks very similar to this one
though he was using Samba 2.2.8a an the iPlanet Directory Server.
( I will provide logs and debug output if anybody is interested. )

Regarding the above test results, I have several questions

* Is this a know problem or bug? 
* Or, at least, is it related to a know problem or bug (bug# 395) ?

* Is it possible to link Samba 3.0.x with Sun/Netscape LDAP libraries? 
   Had no luck with it, didn't find a workaround for the 
   missing ldap_initialize() and ldap_domain2hostlist.

* My impression is that there is something wrong with the interaction
   OpenLDAP libs <-> Solaris libs. Is this assumption correct?
* Am I at the right place to ask for help? Is it better to ask the
   people at OpenLDAP.org or, maybe, even at Sun?


Reinhard Sojka <reinhard.sojka at parlinkom.gv.at>
System- & Networkadmin
+43 1 40110 2824

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