[Samba] massive performance problems if transferring many sma ll files

Simon.Harris at nationwide.co.uk Simon.Harris at nationwide.co.uk
Thu Feb 5 18:50:54 GMT 2004


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Having had similar problems with not much success I would be interested in
the outcome. 

Seems that Solaris with Samba with large number of files in a single
directory is not a good mix! 

Doing a network trace the, time it takes samba to respond goes up
significantly with the more files in that directory. In tests with an
application doing basically a findfirst for every file gave the following
Directory with 3000 files
Reply for 'file found': 16ms
Reply for 'file not found': 47ms
Directory with 9000 files
Reply for 'file found': 31 - 62ms
Reply for 'file not found': 125ms
Directory with ~17000 files
Reply for 'file found': 100 - 200ms
Reply for 'file not found': 250ms

These were rough timings but you can see the trend.

Also, can't find option 'mangle method'.



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> On Thu, 2004-02-05 at 20:12, steffen.k at gmx.at wrote:
> > Hi,
> > > > If I try to transfer about 27.000 small HTML-Files from my
Windows-PC to
> our
> > central SAMBA-Server I'll get  massive performance problems. First the
> > performance looks ok but after a time period of 3 minutes it goes slow
> do
> wn -
> > appr. one file per second will be transferred. Has anyone an idea what I
> can tune
> > to avoid this annoying behaviour.
> > > - samba version 2.2.8a (64bit compiled)
> > Are all/many of these files in the same directory?

Yes, it's a flat directory hierarchy.

> I would suggest that Samba 3.0 might handle this situation better, or in
> 2.2 set 'mangle method = hash2'.  

I'll try it.... 

Are there any Solaris kernel variables they interfere with this behaviour
and needs to be adjusted?


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