[Samba] .exe files

TeeCee teecee at freemail.hu
Tue Feb 3 22:53:26 GMT 2004

Hi Craig! :o)

Sorry, a bit OFFtopic, not really samba...
And please don't bite, I'm new here on this mailing list...

CW> I have also seen text files, jpg files bmp files and others become
CW> infected with worms and viruii too...I suppose you can add them to the
CW> list and if you really want to make sure that your server is safe from
CW> the possibility of having problems with worms or viruses... veto files =
CW> /*.*/ would probably cover it.
CW> Craig

1. Text files You mean M$ Word files (Based on VBSript, WordMacros).
Anything else (some macros-like codes You can use in OpenOffice and clones, and
COrel's office)?

2. JPG, BMP: BMP is hard to believe for me, please tell me one...
I heard about a JPG worm, but a singe JPG-file was not be able to
infect. (BMP and JPG does NOT have executable parts!) You had to get a
REAL worm before it, and then when You open a JPG file than it
increases its size, nothing else... - there was a hoax a few years ago
that said a TTF file can infect... )

3. As far as I know in _normal_ cases worms infect executable files or
files that contains executable parts (the M$ Office's macros are very
good because of the big security holes)

(Of course something.bmp.pif is NOT a BMP file - The eaziest way to
make a fool of M$ Outlook/Express...)

Please write me if I'm wrong, I want to know it!

BYE: TeeCee :o)

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