[Samba] XP Issues

D. Rick Anderson ruger at acsnv.com
Tue Feb 3 00:19:03 GMT 2004

We have a samba server acting as a PDC for approx 100 Windows 2000
workstations, and it has been doing so very well for the last year. We
just purchased some XP Pro machines, and using the registry edit that's
listed in the docs, we were able to get them on to the domain.

The issue is that the very first time they try to view any drives mapped
to the Samba server, it hangs for a good 30-40 seconds. After that they
can browse around all they like. If you let the machine sit for a while
(I'm assuming something times out), then you have to wait again before
being able to browse. Does anybody know a fix for this?



D. Rick Anderson
IT Manager
ACS Management
(702)-939-8300 ext. 5008
ruger at acsnv.com

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