[Samba] Moving a samba hosted PDC within domain to another machine?

Robert Mohrmann bob at bennittpartners.com
Tue Feb 3 17:42:42 GMT 2004

  This has probably been asked before but I did some skimming
of the archives and couldnt find anything similar.

I currently have 2 servers. Lets call them whiskey and xray
(using DOD call signs as names tends to make my life easy)

Currently xray is functioning as a PDC controlling our
roming profiles. Lets call the domain MYWG.

whiskey is also participating in MYWG. Now I want to move
the PDC completely over to whiskey. Im doing this because
its going to make backups a great deal easier because
everything is going to be on one server.

I can easilly setup whiskey as a PDC and make xray not act
as one. Infact I already tried this. I made sure that the
users dirrectories were perfect mirror images so the
profiles would be the same, right down to the userid level.

However, all the roming profiles had trouble logging in
after this. They all complained about not being able to
write to a dirrectory on xray.

How do I make sure that everyones accounts point to the
new PDC?

Any help would be appreciated.

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