[Samba] About to migrate, looking for opinions/advice

Anthony Hess tonyh at engr.arizona.edu
Mon Feb 2 18:14:45 GMT 2004

Hello all,

I currently have an NT4 Domain that I wish to upgrade to Samba 3.0/LDAP but
because of legacy reasons its not quite the simple changeover talked about
in the Official Guide to Samba 3.0 (which I am currently reading before I go
about changing anything else).

At any rate - the current environment is a simple Nt4 domain where the NT
PDC and BDC only hold authentication information.  The Samba 3.0 servers are
where the files are held.  They were running 2.2.x up until recently when I
compiled and installed the 3.0.1 software.  The OS in question is Solaris 8
on Sparc.  At any rate, we have another server that I wish to hold the
account information on that is running LDAP (SunONE using the 2.2.x schema).
That machine is NOT a PDC, but it is running Samba 2.2.x (and that uses the
local LDAP).

So my final goal is to remove the NT servers, have the PDCs run on the Sun
boxes, authenticating to the old LDAP schema on the server that is not a
PDC.  How good/bad of an idea is this, or is there something Im missing that
makes it not possible to run this way?

Any feedback is appreciated,



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