[Samba] Auditing access to Samba shares & printer issues

Frank John Bruzzaniti frank at tpaus.net.au
Mon Feb 2 13:46:44 GMT 2004

    I'm new to the list and have a few questions in regards to auditing
with Samba 3.

I've tried using the Samba VFS module audit, but it only logs access
with reference to samba share session id's.  I need to use smbstatus to
map that id to a username.  Unfortunately the session I'd are not unique
and are reused.

Is there a simple way to audit Samba user access ?
Surely this kind of accountability is required in many production
environment, how do you track user access to files otherwise ?


P.S.  I've also had Samba print cues "freeze" up since I upgraded from
Redhat 8.0 to Fedora Core 1, I'd be interested in hearing from anyone
else with the same problem or solution.

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