[Samba] authenticating to an NTLM proxy from a Linux http client

Drew Parsons dparsons at emerall.com
Sun Feb 1 09:41:17 GMT 2004

Microsoft's proxy server uses NTLM authentication, which I gather provides
non-standard http authentication, so that *nix clients traditionally cannot
use it. The latest mozilla (v1.6) now supports NTLM, so I can at last use it
to surf web. Good for mozilla!

However, any other http client (e.g. wget or Debian's apt-get) is still
stuck, unable to authenticate.

I understand that samba3 is able to provide NTLM authentication, but I can't
see how it could be set up to pass on that authentication to the proxy
server. Samba won't act as an in-between "transparent proxy" that way, will it?

Likewise, squid can provide NTLM authentication, but again, this won't help
me get through my institution's MS ISA proxy server, will it? So installing
squid on my linux box won't help, it won't act as a go-between in front of
the real proxy, true?

Is there a solution I've missed? Is there any way samba can be leveraged to
connect to the proxy server?  Or if it really Can't Be Done, could someone
kindly say so and put me out of my misery?



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