[Samba] Windows XP machine cannot be accessed

John johndal at bigpond.net.au
Fri Dec 31 01:21:12 GMT 2004

I have a small peer to peer network of 4 machines, WinME, Win2K Pro SP4, Win XP
Pro SP2 and Linux Mandrake 10.1 Samba I am pretty new at Linux but
have been around computers for a very long time.

The Linux installation went smoothly, MDK and KDE3 utilities make it simple for
newbies to get things running, so Samba went together quite easily but I now
have a problem I have been struggling with for days.

All of the Windows machines have no problems accessing shares on each other and
Mandrake. The Mandrake machine accesses the WinME an Win2K machines readily,
but the WinXP machine is not visible on any utility I have tried. I can ping it
OK. I have disabled firewalls etc in case this was the problem but no change.

I manually edited fstab and inserted what seemed an appropriate entry for a
share on the XP machine. In Konqueror for instance an icon appeared for the
share but when clicked up in was empty.

I have almost convinced myself that it must be some kind of authentication
problem, probably something basic I have overlooked and so simple I cannot see
it. Can anybody give me some ideas please?

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