[Samba] Re: Question about win2000 and samba

Marco De Vitis starless at spin.it
Fri Dec 24 08:35:57 GMT 2004

Il 23/12/2004, alle ore 18:28, Adam Tauno Williams ha scritto:

> The connections have been idled out,  this is normal Windows 2000
> behaviour.  There are many articles about changing the value or
> disabling the 'feature'

This can be changed or disabled only in Windows servers, AFAIK, which
indeed have a default idle value of 15 minutes or so. This should not
happen with Samba, and the fact that Bart experiences the problem right
from boot up confirms that this is a different problem.

Bart, do you have the problems on ALL (how many?) Win2000 machines you
I also had the problem on a particular Win2000 machine in the past, it
seemed to be due to the installation of Roxio Easy CD Creator 5 Platinum.
Now I'm having the same problem on another machine which does not have
that program installed (although it does have a CD writer), and I suspect
it's due to a somehow faulty network card, I'm going to try replacing it.


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