[Samba] Question about win2000 and samba

Bart Hendrix hendrix at worldpilot.nl
Thu Dec 23 19:24:46 GMT 2004

Hi Everybody,

According to the response below:

You think that the connections idled out, but the red cross is there
As soon as I login and go to my computer, the connections are red crossed.
Any idea why?

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> > > I setup Samba 3.09 with LDAP and everything seems to work fine.
(shres, permissions, startscripts)
> > > But we have the following problem on Win2000 machines: If you start
the machine and Login on the domain everythings seems to go fine. Then the
startscript will be loaded and works fine.
> > > When I go to my computer, I see a red cross in every sharemapping. But
when I click on the sharemapping it seems to work fine end I can see al
> > > Windows XP works fine, and doesn't show the red cross.
> > > Any idea why the red cross is showed?
> The connections have been idled out,  this is normal Windows 2000
> behaviour.  There are many articles about changing the value or
> disabling the 'feature'

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