[Samba] adding and updating DNS entries on a Win2003 AD server

Bradley, James D. CONT (EAGAN, MCALLISTER ASSOC Dept 723) james.d.bradley at navy.mil
Fri Dec 17 18:46:01 GMT 2004

I'm trying to create/update DNS records on a Windows 2003 server from a
Linux (Debian) client.  The situation is this:
    - a Linux workstation, that gets its IP from a DHCP server
    - a completely separate Windows 2003 AD server, that handles DNS for
workstations (mainly laptops) in our domain
The DHCP server is owned by IT and is totally outside our control, so no
possibility of doing it through the DHCP negotiation.
I found the following in the archives:
Lucas Machado wrote:
| I looked through the net man page and googled with no
| luck...I was wondering if it is possible to have a DNS entry
| created for the machine I add using "net ads join" without
| me having to manually add it to the DNS.
We don't currently do this but you could wrap 'net ads join' with
a script that did the update for you.  No examples on hand.  Sorry.

cheers, jerry
I get the idea from this that it's possible, but... how?  Does anyone
know of a tool that can create/update the DNS record on the Windows
Thanks in advance...
James Bradley
Eagan, McAllister & Associates
james.d.bradley at navy.mil

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