[Samba] copy files to windows thru smbmount

Csere Mátyás warder at eduweb.hu
Fri Dec 17 15:33:02 GMT 2004

first of all, thanks for the help!
thats just how im mounting it right now.
i've installed the whole stuff from debian packages, and i've installed smbfs everytime, so i thought that would be  up to date too.
but as i recall there is a kernel module named smbfs too, so there must be one named cifs right?
anyone could send me some links where i could catch up on this, so i wouldnt bug the mailinglist with this? =P

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	Tárgy: Re: [Samba] copy files to windows thru smbmount

	Csere Mátyás wrote:
	> hello
	> i have this strange problem:
	> i've ounted up a windows share on my linux machine, and tryign to copy a file to it, which is bigger than 2gbs, and it fails with a "maximum file size exceeded" error.
	> the linux is running ext3, and windows is ntfs, so the size limit must be somewhere in samba.
	> i've read on http://www.mail-archive.com/samba@lists.samba.org/msg10412.html about this.
	> ive tryed 2.2.9, 2.2.11, 2.2.12, even one from the 3 series, but im still getting this error.
	> i've seen in the changelog that it was fixed, but i cant figure out what im doing wrong.
	> can anyone help me with it?
	> thanks in advance,
	> wd
	How to mount with cifs :
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