[Samba] Temp fix for users getting smb_trans2: invalid data in messages log file

Mike Lee mlee at mtech.edu
Fri Dec 17 00:26:09 GMT 2004

Hello all,

 I was having this problem and finally found a temp fix for it.  The symptoms 
seem to be this:
-->  You are on a linux client
-->  You have mounted a samba drive from you linux client to a linux server.
-->  When you try to make modifications or copy file from your client to the 
server, it takes a long time or times-out.
-->  Your /var/log/mesages file states smb_trans2: invalid data , disp=0, 
cnt=0, tot=0, ofs=0

 It seems that some CIFS code got trampled on during a smb kernel patch.  I 
believe this will be fixed in the 2.6.10 kernel (pretty soon I hope).  For 
now, you can add the following entry to your smb.conf file:
"unix extensions = no"
 This temp solution was posted to the samba listserver last month, but I 
thought I would post it again since it cause me a lot of headaches.
 Cheers everyone.  Happy Holidays.

Mike Lee
mlee at mtech.edu

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