[Samba] Re: Cannot share MSAccess DB after upgrade 3.0.5 to 3.0.8

Lane Beneke nolawyersallowed at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 16 17:02:41 GMT 2004

Well, it turns out that the smbstatus/Access
column/0x3 condition is not the cause of the problem. 
(I still don't understand the significance of that

A simple upgrade from 3.0.5 to 3.0.8 broke file
sharing on a MSAccess 2k database (Win2k and WinXP
clients.)  There are Paradox databases on the same
file-share that are working fine.  The log files show
no errors.  I'm about to try increasing the debug
level, but can anyone give me a clue in the meantime?

Lane Beneke

--- Lane Beneke wrote:

> This is really strange.
> The samba server in question is a domain member
> server
> on a Windows NT 4.0 Domain network.  It runs Gentoo
> 2004.3 with a 2.4.24 kernel.
> The Gentoo server was upgraded from Samba 3.0.5 to
> 3.0.8 last night.  After the upgrade, the server had
> to be re-joined to the domain.  After that,
> everything
> appeared to be working.
> This morning we found that the MSAccess database
> files
> can no longer be shared if the database users open
> the
> MDB file containing the tables.  The first user in
> can
> use the database, and databases that are externally
> linked to the database in question can share the
> data
> just fine. (Weirdness)
> A quick look at smbstatus output reveals that no
> oplocks are placed on the MDB or the LDB files. 
> However, the "Access" column of the smbstatus output
> shows 0x2019f for all files except the MDB files,
> which show 0x3.  Does anyone know what this means?
> 32748 DENY_NONE 0x3     RDWR NONE
> /samba/common/smc.mdb
> 32748 DENY_NONE 0x2019f RDWR NONE
> /samba/common/smc.ldb
> Help!
> Lane Beneke
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