[Samba] Very slow network after Samba3 upgrade with 2k clients.

Greg greg at fqdn.com
Thu Dec 16 17:25:59 GMT 2004

anyone having, had,  or even have any thoughts on the issue described 
below?  its killing me....

The short description of the problem is:  using direct to server UNC 
type paths,  we see 'normal' speeds.  Going threw a DFS (re)director,  
we see very bad performance from any machine running 3.0.*,  but not 2.2.3a.

We make heavy use of DFS.  This service is on a machine named "N".  This 
is running SAMBA3 code. 
The PDC services are  handled by Samba3 with an LDAP backend.  This was 
handled by old TNG code up until a week ago,  we upgraded to samba3 
hoping it might resolve these issues,  it has not,  however I'm glad the 
upgrade happened anyway.

Clients are over 98% Win2k clients,  with all current updates.

All servers are connected via gigabit to a Foundry 1500 switch.  All 
clients are connected via 100 or 1000 depending on the department.  No 
jumbo frame enabled NICs are operating in the network.  

I'm positive its a protocol issue as at the same time the 4 meg xfer is 
taking 2 minutes to complete,  I can pull another large test file at 
wire speed using almost any other protocol,  NFS, FTP, SCP to name a few.

Some folks complain about the 'N' drive going down,  then windows wants 
to 'sync' files back to it...  this also only started happening after 
the samba3 upgrades.  This never happens on manually mounted (to a drive 
letter) shares. 

I'd be happy to provide further details and facilitate any requests 
which may help resolve this issue...  thanks!

Time to read 
\\odin\odin1\Development\writetest\v041_bld_tex_mt10_TEST.ma: 1.29699993134
Testing UNC style path writes
Time to write \\ba\ba1\j_test\write_test.ma: 11.6870000362
Time to write \\barney\barney1\j_test\write_test.ma: 10.3129999638
Time to write \\betty\betty1\j_test\write_test.ma: 10.5620000362
Time to write \\dino\dino1\j_test\write_test.ma: 11.375
Time to write \\echo\echo\j_test\write_test.ma: 7.25
Time to write \\fred\fred1\j_test\write_test.ma: 6.60899996758
Time to write \\hannibal\hannibal1\j_test\write_test.ma: 6.75
Time to write \\murdock\murdock1\j_test\write_test.ma: 6.54700016975
Time to write \\nova\nova1\j_test\write_test.ma: 9.93699979782
Time to write \\odin\odin1\j_test\write_test.ma: 10.6560001373
Time to write \\pebbles\pebbles1\j_test\write_test.ma: 10.6089999676
Time to write \\tordist\porky1\j_test\write_test.ma: 13.0309998989
Time to write \\eng\thor1\j_test\write_test.ma: 10.8280000687
Time to write \\bonnie\v-rend\j_test\write_test.ma: 6.82800006866
Time to write \\repo\v-comp\j_test\write_test.ma: 6.78099989891

Testing N: style path writes
Time to write N:/ba1/j_test/write_test.ma: 67.8270001411
Time to write N:/barney1/j_test/write_test.ma: 75.9349999428
Time to write N:/betty1/j_test/write_test.ma: 10.5779998302
Time to write N:/dino1/j_test/write_test.ma: 11.4530000687
Time to write N:/echo/j_test/write_test.ma: 6.73399996758
Time to write N:/fred1/j_test/write_test.ma: 61.43799996376
Time to write N:/hannibal1/j_test/write_test.ma: 6.42100000381
Time to write N:/murdock1/j_test/write_test.ma: 7.60900020599
Time to write N:/nova1/j_test/write_test.ma: 71.3420000076
Time to write N:/odin1/j_test/write_test.ma: 22.2030000687
Time to write N:/pebbles1/j_test/write_test.ma: 39.0929999352
Time to write N:/tordist/j_test/write_test.ma: 69.638999939
Time to write N:/eng/j_test/write_test.ma: 71.9819998741
Time to write N:/bonnie/j_test/write_test.ma: 6.95299983025
Time to write N:/repo/j_test/write_test.ma: 39.0140001774
[greg at dkppdc writetest]# /opt/thunderbird/thunderbird&

all the slow servers are running SAMBA3 code. 
all the 'normal' servers are running samba 2.2.x code,  mostly 2.2.3a
all servers are linux and IRIX,  same results on both no mater the SAMBA 
major version.

thanks for your time,

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