[Samba] Way to salvage profiles after domain rejoin?

Paul Gienger pgienger at ae-solutions.com
Thu Dec 16 16:11:18 GMT 2004

>that I had serious speed issues and I blew
>away a lot of tdb files in the process of trying
>to fix it.  Things seemed fine for a while (again,
Sounds like you also lost your SID.  Do you have any backup of your old 
files that you could load up, maybe on a test box, and salvage your SID 
from?  You can always reset the SID on your domain, but you have to know 
what the old one was to do it.

You could also try to determine it from your registry.  In my machine, 
under HKEY_USERS I have a tree named:
which is my current user SID.  The part before the 5532 (my user RID) is 
the domain portion.  If you see two different sets (of similar length, 
the really short S- numbers are builtins), compare that to the result of
net getlocalsid
The one that doesn't match is your old sid.  Replace the current one 
with the old one and see if things aren't better. 

>I'm assuming things were cached) but now I'm
>having trouble.
>Thanks for any ideas,

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