[Samba] Way to salvage profiles after domain rejoin?

Jason Balicki kodak at frontierhomemortgage.com
Thu Dec 16 15:59:37 GMT 2004

Somehow my workstations lost their connection to
the domain recently.  I can rejoin them, but when
I leave the domain and rejoin the previous user
profiles are lost.  Well, the data is still on
the system, but all pre-rejoin domain profiles are
listed as "account unknown" in the profile manager.

I know I can probably use the Files and Settings
Transfer Wizard on the XP machines as long as I
do it before the rejoin, but there has
got to be a way to preserve these profiles
without resorting to that time-consuming procedure.
Plus, I've got a healthy mix of XP and 2k boxes,
and the F&STW isn't an option for the 2k machines.

My users have lots of loca data, much of which can
be copied after the fact (My Documents, etc) but
things like Outlook pst files and whatnot are
a bit more difficult.  I don't want to spend
an hour per machine importing pst files and
copying data around.  If it were only a few
machines I wouldn't care, but it's more than
a few. :(

Does anyone have any ideas?

Right now the workstations are functioning fine
and are able to log in (probably with cached
credentials) and work OK, but I've lost the
abilty to remotely manage them and some other
administrative software is no longer functioning
correctly, such as Sophos Enterprise Manager
that lets me monitor the anti-virus software
status on the workstations.

I believe this is related to the server change
I made a few weeks ago.  Some of you may recall
that I had serious speed issues and I blew
away a lot of tdb files in the process of trying
to fix it.  Things seemed fine for a while (again,
I'm assuming things were cached) but now I'm
having trouble.

Thanks for any ideas,


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