[Samba] compiling problem with ldap support

Adi Nugraha adi at westindo.co.id
Tue Dec 14 10:23:51 GMT 2004

I used the default configure option (just ./configure), I also tried
./configure --prefix=/usr/local/samba --with-ldap as well, the configure
doesn't say any error, but when i try make it was like my last message

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Le mardi 14 décembre 2004 à 10:55 +0700, Adi Nugraha a écrit :

> > >
> > can anyone help me with this.
> additional info, I was able to compile it before installing OpenLDAP(I
> wasn't intending on using LDAP backend at first), which one should be
> installed first Open LDAP or Samba ? I checked previous threads, but it
> for a solaris 9, i'm using  mandrake linux 9.1,

what are your configure options ?

for ldap: there are 2 options: --with-ldap and --with-ldapsam

i think the last one is déprecated so --with-ldap should be used instead

hope this helps

Thomas Constans
04 78 68 17 34

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