[Samba] post_exec issues

Jim Potter jim at gangermin.co.uk
Sun Dec 12 01:45:57 GMT 2004

Hi all,
  I've been trying to write scripts that are triggered by the post_exec 
command, and`I've found it doesn't act like it sounds like its meant 
to... it seems that diffrent operating systems let a session with a 
share close at different points:
- Windows keeps my documents and user profile sessions open until ~15 
seconds after the user logs out (don't know about suspend/hibernate)
- windows closes other sessions after ~15 seconds of not having an 
explorer window/file open in the share
- unix mounts keep session open until share is dismounted

Is there any reliable way of triggering a script to run on the server to 
run when a user logs out? Maybe when an IPC$ share closes?
Is there any way of affecting the above behaviour at all, from the 
server's point of view? It would be nice to know when a (windows) user 
logs out on a machine that isn't the DC for that session, and does not 
host the user's home directory 

any thoughts on this would be very welcome



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