[Samba] Samba (old) and shared printers on MS Win 2003 SBS

Tom Peters tpeters at mixcom.com
Sun Dec 12 01:24:05 GMT 2004

This might be a rube question; if so I apologize in advance. Someone asked 
me to help and I don't have much info, but I have a limited window and have 
to be forearmed with as much information as possible before I set foot in 
the door.

The guy that asked for help runs a Red  Hat 6.2 box with the version of 
Samba that came with RH 6.2. I asked him what version of Samba it was. He 
didn't know. He's going to check Monday.

He has this uneasy relationship with the IT people at the place. His apps 
on the RH box run a main mission function, but the windows boxes do 
everything else. Last week the IT folks decided they were going to sweep 
out all the Win98 and NT boxen and replace all the workstations with XP Pro 
and all the server(s) with Win2003 Small Biz.

Prior to that, his Linux apps printed to shared printers connected to NT 
and maybe even Win98 workstations with ease. Now his stuff can't reach any 
shared printers.

My first thought was that old versions of Samba don't know about Active 
Directory, but I don't know 1. if that's true or 2. if the presence of 
Win2003 server SBS necessarily implies AD.

My second thought was that the arrogant twits just didn't bother to give 
his box required permissions to use the shared printers.

Who'd design a business network with printers on the workstations anyhow?

Whatever, any ideas where to begin?

Can someone tell me how recent a version of Samba he could upgrade to, 
given that he's stuck with the kernel he's using now because of his apps?



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