[Samba] Copying between physical drives within samba mount - very slow.

Panos Koutsoyannis panos at kamaradata.com
Sat Dec 11 21:10:49 GMT 2004

I have a situation with a linux box that has several drives mounted under
say /master/drive1 and /master/drive2 ..etc.
I mount /master on my windows machine or os x machine using samba.

when I move files from /master/drive1 to /master/drive2 the copy process
is very slow.

it seems samba actually sends the file over he network from the linux
machine to the pc on which it is mounted and back to the linux machine.

This only happens when there are different drives involved.  however if i
move files within the same drive it is fast as expected.

why does samba send the whole file across the network and back?  is there
a way to avoid this?

Here is my config
red hat 9
samba 3.0.x
system drive = /
data drive 1= /master/drive1
data drive 2 = /master/drive2
mounted system on pc under /master  so I see on my pc drive1 folder and
drive2 folder.
Dragging from drive1 to drive2 seems to pass the whole file across the
network from drive1 to drive2.

If I create folders ... say /master/folder1 and /master/folder2. these
folders are not seperate drives.  Then movign files between them is
lightening fast as expected.

Hope someone can help.


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