[Samba] SMB/AFS

Derek Harkness dharknes at umd.umich.edu
Fri Dec 10 17:00:35 GMT 2004

Okay I've recently started have some problems with the Samba AFS code.  
If I'm doing mass data operations, deleting 14 GB of data (lots of 
files), copying lots of files, etc. I'll get access denied error at 
random times.  If I let everything sit for a few minutes then I can 
continue the operation.  It appears that the smb process is 
loosing/forgetting/delete my AFS information.  My questions are.

1) How would I go about collection debug information about this 
problem?  I've tried turning the log level up but it doesn't seem to 
log any AFS related information.  It does report the permission denied 
2) Has anyone else run into this type of problem?
3) Does anyone have a recommended fix?  I'm getting ready to move 12k+ 
users to this setup and I can't have it disconnecting them at random 


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