[Samba] mandatory profiles - again

Bjørn-Sverre Nøttum bsnottum at hotmail.com
Wed Dec 8 12:20:33 GMT 2004


Some days ago I posted a message about mandatory profiles, and got a very 
useful answer from John H Terpstra with reference to his Samba Guide. 
Suddenly logging on runs much faster....

However, I have still one more problem to solve. I have set up the win2000 
client to delete the cached profile on exit. The "problem" is that the user 
profile remains on the server in \\%L\%u\profile, so the next time a user 
logs in he uses this profile (which is not mandatory) instead of the 
preconfigured default profile.

My question is: How can I set up the \\L%\%u\profile to be deleted on exit? 
This way the default profile would be loaded every time a user logs on 
because windows would think it was new user since there are now profiles for 
the user neither local or on the logonserver.

It would be even better if it is possible to let all the users to get a copy 
of the ntuser.man file so that windows understands that this is a mandatory 
profile. When I have tried to do this a new ntuser.dat file is created thus 
making the profile far from mandatory.

So in short: I want all the users to share the same profile without a user 
being able to modify the profile's environment. As you can see above I am 
working on a solution, but any suggestion to this or other solutions would 
be highly appreciated.


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