[Samba] Re: netlogin scripts

Misty Stanley-Jones misty at borkholder.com
Thu Dec 2 14:51:56 GMT 2004

On Thursday 02 December 2004 07:32, DA Forsyth wrote:

> well, you can use some free utils to fix that.  I am using
> 'putinenv.exe' in my Win98 scripts to get what I need.
> I use winset.exe (off the Win98 CD) to set master environment
> variables and 'setenv.exe' on W2K for the same job.
> I have split my scripts into 2 sections.   one bit is loginall.bat
> that is run for everyone.  it is called from LGNusername.bat which
> then goes on to do user specific stuff.  I have not tried to
> integrate with the unix groups tha I am using, instead I keep a
> separate file with settings in it which is parsed by an AWK script to
> generate the login scripts.  this does mean that now and then I
> forget to correlate actual group members to the data file, but I plan
> to fix that sometime.  At the moment the server has been up (we
> switched from Novell last Thursday) nearly a week so I'm not changing
> too much at this point

That is a huge amount of work and a lot of extra utilities to do something 
that Kixtart does natively.  All it takes is one program to run login scripts 
for all OS's (you can use case statements or if/then constructs to test for 
what OS you are running if you need it for some setting), map network drives, 
change registry settings, add registry settings (your own custom ones 
perhaps?), copy files, install programs, everything you would wish to do.  I 
'learned' Kixtart in a couple hours and had my login scripts up and running 
in no time.  My login scripts are not trivial -- I have an initial set-up 
phase for first-time logins, I copy old "My Documents" to the server profile 
for non-laptop users, I set up printer connections automatically, and other 
things.  I don't understand why you would cobble together something that 
depends on more than one .exe being present and functioning, and only works 
on certain OS's, when there is something so easy and so free out there. :)

Just my .02 of course.


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