[Samba] Problem with CVS prune on samba shares?

Steinar Bang sb at dod.no
Tue Apr 27 12:37:10 GMT 2004

Platform: Dell Latitude D600 laptop, Pentium M
	  debian sarge (testing/unstable)
	  samba 3.0.2a-1
	  VMWare Workstation 4.5.1-7568 w/XP Professional

I'm running XP under VMWare.  The directory I'm working on, is
actually a network share exported by samba from the linux host.  The
reason is that I don't wish to fill up my disk with VMWare virtual
disk images.

Performancewise this works OK, both for doing CVS updates, and for
doing C++ compilation with MSVC7.

But I have a problem in that the cvs prune command (ie. "cvs -P")
doesn't work on this shared disk.  It reports that directories that
only contain the CVS subdirectory aren't empty.  I'm wondering if this
could be some kind of case conversion confusion (ie. "cvs" vs. "CVS")?

Has anyone else seen this?  Is there a workaround?


- Steinar

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