[Samba] Re: Yet Another LDAP Question

Michal Kurowski mkur at poczta.gazeta.pl
Mon Apr 26 20:56:05 GMT 2004

Paul Gienger [pgienger at ae-solutions.com] wrote:
> I believe the README is out of date.  Their website says that something 
> like .80 and up work on 3.x.  I have used .84 to populate a 3.0.2 server 
> just fine making only configuration changes like server locations, 
> containers, and domain SID.  I did have to hack one script for my 
> purposes, but that was only because my primary ldap server is over a 
> greater-latency-than-local-lan link and replication takes a couple seconds.

It relates to my last question: is there any way to for unix->NT
password conversion ? 

I need to create ntAccounts from my shadow passwords (crypt-ed) in the
Ldap server. It seems there's no supported way but two problems emerge
in here:

1) you have to ask lots of people to type their passwords again
2) you have no control maintain same password policy


Michal Kurowski
perl -e '$_=q#: 13_2: 12/o{>: 8_4) (_4: 6/2^-2; 3;-2^\2: 5/7\_/\7: 12m m::#;

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