[Samba] Yet Another LDAP Question

Paul Gienger pgienger at ae-solutions.com
Mon Apr 26 19:28:26 GMT 2004

I believe the README is out of date.  Their website says that something 
like .80 and up work on 3.x.  I have used .84 to populate a 3.0.2 server 
just fine making only configuration changes like server locations, 
containers, and domain SID.  I did have to hack one script for my 
purposes, but that was only because my primary ldap server is over a 
greater-latency-than-local-lan link and replication takes a couple seconds.

Jean Krebs Fonseca wrote:

>I have downloaded the updated set of scripts, but the readme file says they 
>should be modified to work with Samba 3 (I have 3.0.2), since they have been 
>made for Samba 2.2 Is this information outdated?
>On Monday 26 April 2004 15:44, you wrote:
>>I don't think you 'have' to, but you'll get more functionality if you do.
>>You should go grab the newest idealx LDAP management scripts, you don't
>>say what version of samba you have, but the scripts are probably newer
>>than what you have if you installed from the RPM that came with the base
>>Fedora install.  There's a script in that set called something like
>>smbldap-populate that will create all the users and groups you need for
>>Windows equivilency.  You will also want to delete the old ones when you
>>put the new in place.  At some point they changed from *.pl to just *
>>for the script names.
>>Make sure you edit the config files in the smbldap-tools package before
>>you start monkeying with them, particularly the LDAP container names and
>>your domain SID.
>>Jean Krebs Fonseca wrote:
>>>Hi All,
>>>I know this must have been discussed around here a million times, but I
>>>really didn't find this info anywhere else and I'm on a deadline here.
>>>I already have an FC1 server with a working LDAP directory  in production.
>>>The same server runs a Samba PDC, but not with LDAP functionality yet.
>>>All I need to know right now is if I have to include some standard user
>>>and group accounts, like Adminstrator and such. Also,how do I generate
>>>the NT and Lanman password hashes so I can include them in the uses'
>>>And please, don't point me to that Samba-LDAP howto 'cause it did nothing
>>>but confuse me more.

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