[Samba] Yet Another LDAP Question

Jean Krebs Fonseca jean at totaldata.com.br
Mon Apr 26 18:15:08 GMT 2004

Hi All,

I know this must have been discussed around here a million times, but I really 
didn't find this info anywhere else and I'm on a deadline here.

I already have an FC1 server with a working LDAP directory  in production. The 
same server runs a Samba PDC, but not with LDAP functionality yet. 

All I need to know right now is if I have to include some standard user and 
group accounts, like Adminstrator and such. Also,how do I generate the NT and 
Lanman password hashes so I can include them in the uses' ldifs?

And please, don't point me to that Samba-LDAP howto 'cause it did nothing but 
confuse me more.


Jean Krebs Fonseca
jean at totaldata.com.br
Total Data Information Solutions

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