[Samba] Samba 3 PDC+LDAP questions

Doug Curtis doug.curtis at gtrep.gatech.edu
Mon Apr 26 13:38:09 GMT 2004

I waited for Samba 3 to come out to use the PDC+LDAP functionality and I'm
glad I did.  What an improvement!

I have it installed and is working quite well except for a few things.

1.  With Samba 2, you couldn't use the Crtl-Alt-Del password change
feature.  If I remember right, there wasn't a way that Samba could get
the old password clear text to check for against the Samba's current
password.  Is this still true for Samba 3?  After logging
in, I tried change the password but it said the domain was unavailable but
if I logout and try to log back in, I have to use the new password.  So,
it works but Windows doesn't seem to get the correct response back from
the Samba server to know that it worked.  It seems like I probably missed
a configuration setting.

2.  I am using the idealx scripts.  I also use Kerberos for storing
passwords for the users to be able to login using a shell or imap.  They
only thing I don't like is have to enable the admin dn in openldap and
then putting the password in plain text in the smbldap_conf.pm file.  Is
there a way around having to do this?

Other than that, everything works very well!  Keep up the good work!



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