[Samba] missing files with linux CIFS client, smbclient OK

Joerg Behrend jbe at math.uni-koeln.de
Mon Apr 26 13:06:07 GMT 2004

In a directory with approximately 300 files, several (dozens) files
are missing if the directory is mounted with /sbin/mount.cifs via the
Linux CIFS module kernel/fs/cifs/cifs.o.

We are using a Redhat Linux Workstation Version 3 with  kernel 
including cifs-1.0.2b.

The problem occurs on a Samba server 3.0.2a running Solaris 2.8
as well as using the precompiled Redhat Linux Samba server.
If the samba client is changed from CIFS kernel module to smbclient,
all files are listed as expected.

As far as we can see, the string "get_lanman2_dir_entry: out of space"
is printed in the samba server debug log (only one time using the CIFS
module leading to missing files, several times using smbclient
where everything is OK).

Thanks in advance for a reply.

Joerg Behrend
University of Cologne
Institute of Mathematics

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