[Samba] Samba 2.2.7 and Windows XP

Alan Becker beckera at softrends.com
Sat Apr 24 05:57:09 GMT 2004

Hello All:
Problem solved!!  What was the correction?? Go into the BIOS, and
disable the onboard parallel port.

It seems that XP takes a different view of mapping network resources
when there is an existing physical resource, either a partition, or a
physical printer port.  It refuses to overlay any physical resource with
a mapped resource, even though this has been normal behaviour of all
preceeding versions of 32-bit Windows that I am aware of.  And,
true to Microsoft form, XP doesn't give a reasonable error message;
it asks for other credentials for a resource that it will REFUSE to
connect to regardless of what is supplied.  Ahhh well . . .

Hope this helps someone else who may be as confused as I was.
A. Becker

Alan Becker wrote:

> Several months ago, I replaced a WinNT4 PDC with a Samba server.  It 
> was a
> successful transition, and has been working without trouble.  Since 
> the beginning,
> I have had no issues with file sharing/locking at all, but printing 
> was another matter. In this network, there are several dot-matrix 
> printers that are ONLY printed to
> from a DOS application, and a laser for Windows printing. All printers 
> are
> ethernet-connected, using either internal or external Jet-direct 
> interfaces. There are no special user requirements for connecting to 
> shared printers.
> Problem:  I just added a WinXP Pro workstation as a member of the 
> Domain.  It
> authenticates, and runs the logon script as expected (up to a point).  
> It is able to
> connect drive letters to network shares, no problem.  As soon as it 
> gets to the
> NET USE statements that map printers, it stops and wants a username and
> password.  Nothing that I give it is acceptable.  As a test, I created 
> a shared print
> queue for one of the dot-matrix printers on the XP workstation itself, 
> and oddly
> enough, XP asks for a username/pw to map LPT1 to a queue located on 
> The PDC is RedHat 9 with current updates (kernel 2.4.20-28.9, Samba 
> 2.2.7a-8.9.0,
> Cups 1.1.17-  The majority of the clients on this network 
> are Win98 or Win NT4. All these older clients have no problem mapping 
> either drives or printers.
> Circumstantially, the finger seems to point to the XP workstation in 
> some way, especially
> its inability to map a printer located on itself. Does anyone know of 
> anything peculiar about
> XP and printer mapping??  Of course, I'd love to have someone offer up 
> a magic bullet
> solution, but even a suggestion for a direction to investigate would 
> be gratefully received.
> A. Becker

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