[Samba] Samba 2.2.7 and Windows XP

Alan Becker beckera at softrends.com
Tue Apr 20 02:10:23 GMT 2004

Several months ago, I replaced a WinNT4 PDC with a Samba server.  It was a
successful transition, and has been working without trouble.  Since the 
I have had no issues with file sharing/locking at all, but printing was 
another matter. 
In this network, there are several dot-matrix printers that are ONLY 
printed to
from a DOS application, and a laser for Windows printing. All printers are
ethernet-connected, using either internal or external Jet-direct 
There are no special user requirements for connecting to shared printers.

Problem:  I just added a WinXP Pro workstation as a member of the 
Domain.  It
authenticates, and runs the logon script as expected (up to a point).  
It is able to
connect drive letters to network shares, no problem.  As soon as it gets 
to the
NET USE statements that map printers, it stops and wants a username and
password.  Nothing that I give it is acceptable.  As a test, I created a 
shared print
queue for one of the dot-matrix printers on the XP workstation itself, 
and oddly
enough, XP asks for a username/pw to map LPT1 to a queue located on ITSELF!!

The PDC is RedHat 9 with current updates (kernel 2.4.20-28.9, Samba 
Cups 1.1.17-  The majority of the clients on this network are 
Win98 or Win NT4. 
All these older clients have no problem mapping either drives or printers. 

Circumstantially, the finger seems to point to the XP workstation in 
some way, especially
its inability to map a printer located on itself. Does anyone know of 
anything peculiar about
XP and printer mapping??  Of course, I'd love to have someone offer up a 
magic bullet
solution, but even a suggestion for a direction to investigate would be 
gratefully received.

A. Becker

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