[Samba] login to samba3 PDC and problem with novell netware client

Martin Swiech martin.swiech at vsp.cz
Fri Apr 23 12:42:17 GMT 2004


I have actual installation Debian Sarge (testing) with Samba 3.0.2a. 
There is Windows XP SP1 on workstations.
I use Novell client 4.83 SP2 or 4.9 SP1 for Novell Netware connections.

I try to run Samba as PDC. Everything is fine without Novell client.
After Novell Client installation, I could not logon to samba domain.
Client gives me message "Domain controller could not be found for specified domain", 
but I am sure that client found domain controller. When I type bad domain user or 
password, it gives me message about bad username or password. And when I logon to 
workstation, I can see and logon to samba server (at network neighbourhood). 

There is no name collision between novell server names and samba netbios names. I 
tried it with novell client on IPX/SPX or on TPC/IP protocol. Everything is bad. 

Please, don't you have any idea? Is there any hope how to use novell client and domain 
logon to samba3 PDC both? I mean something like simple registry record or patch or 


Martin Swiech

PS: I can send smb.conf or log file If you want it for some analyze.

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