[Samba] Auto driver download, only sometimes

Gary Algier gaa at ulticom.com
Thu Apr 22 17:19:14 GMT 2004


I am running Samba 3.0.2 with Cups support.  Recently I set this up on a new
server, shut down the old Samba 2.* server, changed the name and brought up
the new server as our new print server.  Everyone automatically had all
their drivers "upgraded", even when they previously had special local drivers
installed.  They did not need to delete and re-double-click the printer
icon on the print server.

I changed the drivers for our color printers back to the vendor drivers
(usinf rpcclient) as the cups drivers don't get all the colors right,
they do solid colored backgrounds when white was requested, etc.
The vendor drivers work fine, but users must delete the printer
and recreate it.  How do I tell samba to:
    1) Force the download the next time someone tries to use the driver.
       This must be possible as a "cupsaddsmb" triggers this.
    2) Prevent the download the next time someone tries to use the driver.
       Once I get some special, local driver installed, I may want to not
       have it get overwritten.

Also, some people can get properties on a printer and change the driver
selection, change "Printing Defaults..." via the "Advanced tab", others
cannot.  It seems to have nothing to do with whether one is logged in as
administrator vs. has administrator privaleges, etc.  It seems to be
    I can do it logged in as administrator.  I have no "user" login.
    The guy across the hall can do it as himself (he has admin rights)
    or as administrator.
    The guy down the hall can't do it as himself (he has admin rights).

What is the magic?

The big problem is that they can't change the banner page as their default
and it seems to have come up randomly different from what is configured
on the server for all the cups-drivered printers.

(If I just crossed the line to "cups question land", just let me know
and I ask over there).

BTW: The system is an RHEL ES 3.1 system.  An "rpm -q" claims: samba-3.0.2-6.3E.

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