[Samba] Samba 3.0.2a - Erroneously rejects NTLMv2 but accepts NTLM

Adrian Newby anewby at prudentrx.com
Thu Apr 22 14:45:55 GMT 2004


Could you please elaborate on your ACCESS_DENIED/viud comment?  Does "odd"
mean my answers don't make sense or does it mean that the behavior is not
supposed to happen like this? (or both)

Also, am I correct in assuming that your suggestion to try w/ 3.0.3rc1 mean=
a) My setup looks OK
b) 3.0.2a has some known issues?

If 3.0.2a is suspected or known to exhibit this problem, I'd be happy to
plough through another source build but it's a big enough effort that I'd
really like to solve the problem w/ the current production release if at al=

As soon as I get your reply, I'll build up the test scenario.


Message from "Andrew Bartlett" <abartlet at samba.org> , received on 4/22/04
1:50 AM:

> On Sat, 2004-04-17 at 03:31, Adrian Newby wrote:
>> Hello experts,
>> I=A9=F6ll try and keep this brief but detailed (if that=A9=F6s possible.).  I=A9=F6m=
>> I
>> don=A9=F6t understand the technologies sufficiently but I believe I=A9=F6m seein=
>> counter-intuitive behavior with my Samba 3 setup.  What I want is nice,
>> tight Win 2K3 security.  What I=A9=F6ve got is ADS integration, including do=
>> user authentication using winbind, but I can=A9=F6t get the security level r=
>> Problem summary:
>> ----------------------
>> Samba 3.0.2a on Solaris 9 is configured with ADS security.
>> Lanman and NTLM authentication is prohibited.
>> Clients requesting NTLMv2 authentication result in NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENI=
>> even though the log suggests authentication is successful.
>> Clients requesting NTLM authentication are accepted and authenticated.
>> Also, cannot establish initial SMB session when packet signing enforced.
>> (log not provided)
> Try all this with a current subversion checkout, or 3.0.3rc1.
> The ACCESS_DENIED is because the tree connect appears not to have a
> valid vuid (the token returned by a session setup), which is most odd..
> Andrew Bartlett


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