[Samba] Joining WinXP to Samba domain

mrojava4 at eastgranby.k12.ct.us mrojava4 at eastgranby.k12.ct.us
Thu Apr 22 14:16:18 GMT 2004

Hi Tim,

I think that I changed the computer name and then had to reboot XP for it
to take place before changing the domain name.


> Hi,
> A few weeks ago I posted a question about joining
> WinXp clients to a Samba 3.02a domain, using Red Hat 9
> and samba as a PDC. I manually created the machine
> accounts for 8 clients on the server, and got 4
> clients connected with no problem. The other 4 for
> returned error unknown user name when changing the
> computer name and domain. The signseal registry entry
> had been modified.
> However if I added a machine account to samba which
> was the same as the clients existing computer name and
> just changed from workgroup to domain on the client it
> worked.
> An example may explain it a bit more clearly:
> WinXP original computer name is George and Workgroup
> is workgroup. I want to change it to computer name
> accounts and domain acqua.
> I add accounts$ user to samba, and then attempt to
> modify WinXP client. Goto properties of My Computer,
> then change computer name. Set computer name to
> accounts and domain to acqua. Dialog box is displayed
> asking for user and password, enter root and password,
> then an error is displayed saying user name not found.
> Go back to server add account George$ and retry
> modifying client. This time get dialog box saying
> Welcome to Acqua Domain.
> It is not really a problem now, but I am very curious
> to find out what would cause this - considering 4
> workstations with WinXP had no problems at all, and 4
> did.
> Thanks
> Tim
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