[Samba] Joining WinXP to Samba domain

Tim Gibson timgib at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 22 11:25:12 GMT 2004


A few weeks ago I posted a question about joining
WinXp clients to a Samba 3.02a domain, using Red Hat 9
and samba as a PDC. I manually created the machine
accounts for 8 clients on the server, and got 4
clients connected with no problem. The other 4 for
returned error unknown user name when changing the
computer name and domain. The signseal registry entry
had been modified.
However if I added a machine account to samba which
was the same as the clients existing computer name and
just changed from workgroup to domain on the client it
An example may explain it a bit more clearly:

WinXP original computer name is George and Workgroup
is workgroup. I want to change it to computer name
accounts and domain acqua.
I add accounts$ user to samba, and then attempt to
modify WinXP client. Goto properties of My Computer, 
then change computer name. Set computer name to
accounts and domain to acqua. Dialog box is displayed
asking for user and password, enter root and password,
then an error is displayed saying user name not found.
Go back to server add account George$ and retry
modifying client. This time get dialog box saying
Welcome to Acqua Domain.
It is not really a problem now, but I am very curious
to find out what would cause this - considering 4
workstations with WinXP had no problems at all, and 4



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