[Samba] password change, domain not available

Jerome Borsboom j.borsboom at erasmusmc.nl
Thu Apr 22 13:42:04 GMT 2004

Dear Herman,

We had the same problems over here.

The problem seems to be related to Windows Hotfix KB828741. 
Removing the hotfix through the control panel solved it for us.


Jerome Borsboom

>>BTW, i use samba 302 & 303 pre2..
>>Thursday, April 22, 2004, 2:33:16 PM, you wrote:
>>CBM> well the subject tell's it..
>>CBM> it's not able to change password's for users
>>CBM> from a miupoms xp/2000 machine...
>>CBM> windows is complaining about, domain not availeable..
>>CBM> and samba show's an (incor.password lenght error)
>>CBM> i used an password over 5 char's (6 and 8)
>>CBM> and the min. passwd lenght is 5 !!
>>CBM> anny clue's??
>>CBM> there is an encryped passwords=yes in the conf..
>>CBM> l8r
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>>CBM> Herman Jordan
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