[Samba] Infected E-Mail

suporte at ghost.provale.com.br suporte at ghost.provale.com.br
Thu Apr 22 13:33:42 GMT 2004

>>>>>>>>>> In an E-Mail send from you <<<<<<<<<<<
              Recipient / Subject

deuscon at redemptor.com.br /  Re: Re: Message

           we detected a Virus in the Attachment.
               Thus, the E-Mail will not be 
                delivered to the recipient.

	            Virus information:
+++ AV Scanner McAfee : message_details.pif : W32/Netsky.d at MM

           If you have further questions,
                please consult our
	      Anti-Virus specialist:
               <mailto: suporte at provale.com.br>

           For your information we include
               a filtered part of the 
	      original E-Mail message.
* ------ Original message follows below: ------ *

Please have a look at the attached file.

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