[Samba] Panic in Samba 3.0.3Pre2

Jeramy Eling Jeramy.Eling at britax-pmg.com
Thu Apr 22 07:10:28 GMT 2004

I have now upgraded to 3.0.3RC1 and the panic still occurs. It would appear to happen only when I install HP print drivers though, I have installed brother and Epson drivers without any issues at all.

When I ran the server on 2.2.8 for initial testing it was stable, but due to the restriction in the maximum printer name length I had to jump to version 3. 

I would welcome any other suggestions from anyone, before I confine myself back to my windows server for now.

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Jeramy Eling wrote:

>  [2004/04/20 15:21:02, 0] lib/util.c:smb_panic2(1406) 
>    BACKTRACE: 27 stack frames: 
>     #0 smbd(smb_panic2+0x128) [0x81cb288] 
>     #1 smbd(smb_panic+0x19) [0x81cb159] 
>     #2 smbd [0x81b96f2] 
>     #3 /lib/tls/libc.so.6 [0x420275c8] 
>     #4 /lib/tls/libc.so.6(malloc+0x8b) [0x4207335b] 
>     #5 smbd(tdb_unpack+0x13b) [0x81e0b8b] 
>     #6 smbd [0x81f10ce] 
>     #7 smbd [0x81f1cd6] 
>     #8 smbd(get_a_printer+0x126) [0x81f3026] 
>     #9 smbd(_spoolss_getprinterdataex+0x1be) [0x8131dce] 

This points towards a heap corruption bug.  Doesn't
ring a bell.  Cna you reproduce this at will ?  If
so what do I need to do ?

3.0.3rc1 will be out later today we hope.  And while
I can't say that for sure that this bug is addressed,
you should test. We will also be spending a good bit
of time stressing this release under valgrind before
we hit 3.0.3.

cheers, jerry
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