[Samba] PocketPC 2003 taking samba file share?

Luitjes, Rende rende.luitjes at hp.com
Thu Apr 22 06:53:25 GMT 2004

	Hi All,

Anybody ever succeeded in getting a samba share opened by PocketPC
2003 File Explorer? I am using a h4150 iPaq with WLAN capabilities,
but haven't been able to succesfully take in any type of samba share,
public nor private.

I have used Pocket Hosts to make sure the samba server is known by
it's hostname, but even by referencing the samba server by it's IP
address directly, I get the same error message on PPC over and over

    "Bad network path. Check to see if the path you typed is correct 
     and your dial-up connection is active or your network card is

Experiments went as far as specifying the share name in many different


All with the same result. I am pretty sure that my network card is up
and running, because all of the other wireless networking stuff works
without any problem.

Despite many attempts to find relevant hints through google, I haven't
found anything useful about this subject.

Any hints will be highly appreciated. Or, if I am dropping this in the
wrong place, just let me know ;-) But through all experiments I just get the feeling that I should be doing something special with a samba config file.



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