[Samba] help with smbmount and permissions

Chris J. Bottaro chris_bottaro at performanceretail.com
Wed Apr 21 21:27:21 GMT 2004

almost...fmask should be 0666 and dmask should be 0777 (i.e. they're backwards...=), but yeah, that fixed the problem, albeit in a not so clean way (i.e. everyone has these permissions).

here's my naive take on the situation.  the problem lies in that since root issues the smbmount command, the resulting mounted filesystem is owned by root.  your fix changes the permissions of the files and dirs in the mounted filesystem, but the ownership stays with root.  is there anyway to mount the filesystem as the user who is going to use it?  or if not, mount the filesystem as root, but change ownership of the newly mounted filesystem to a different UID?

thanks again for your help.

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In the mount command, enter the following options:

"Chris J. Bottaro" wrote:
> ok, on my windows machine, i see:
> myname on 'computer01\home' (H:)
> so i went to my linux box and did:
> smbclient -L //computer01 -U myname
> and i see Home listed as a sharename (why does windows show it as "home" but its really "Home" as reported by smbclient?).
> well everything works fine if i mount it like this:
> smbmount //computer01/Home /mnt/computer01/Home -o username=myname
> but i want to mount computer01/Home/myname directly...something like this:
> smbmount //computer01/Home/myname /home/myname -o username=myname
> but that fails saying the sharename does not exist...as observed by the smbclient command.
> but an even bigger problem is that if i mount it as root using the first (working) smbmount command, then exit root and cd into "myname", i can read files, but i can't write.  how can i remedy this?

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