[Samba] WINS question..More questions

Steven Kurylo skurylo at cleartech.ca
Wed Apr 21 18:55:13 GMT 2004

Jason Williams wrote:

> At 06:51 AM 4/21/2004 -0600, you wrote:
>> Is oxygen on the same subnet as the NT PDC?  Is so this is going to 
>> cause problems, you'll need to lower your os level.
> Yes, but currently, we have a NT server, but not running as a PDC 
> (unless someone didn't tell me something. :/ ).
> Best to lower the OS level anyway? Maybe 33?

Well if its not a PDC, then I don't know why it would matter if samba 
becomes the browsing master or not.  The NT server has to register with 
the WINS server too.

> All the clients are pointing to the samba server as a WINS server, so 
> that should be working ok.

Ok, then lets check if they're registering properly.  Check the contents 
of your wins.dat file.  Each machine should have an entry in there.  If 
the machines are in there, try querying the wins server.  From the linux 
$nmblookup -R -U<ip of wins> <netbois name to look for>
See if you get a response.

Then try from a windows machine.
C:\nbtstat -a <netbois name to look for>
Then this will tell you if its using wins
C:\nbtstat -r

Steven Kurylo

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