[Samba] Execute command as windows administrator

undergra undergra at vallesnet.org
Wed Apr 21 16:23:10 GMT 2004

i have installed  samba 2.2x  PDC+ openldap server and
i have many windows clients (~500 computers).

All works ok but i need automatize some tasks,
for example i need install many programs on windows
clients (new antivirus, new version of ftp client, etc.)

The question:

Exist any way for install a program as windows administrator
when the user login  on samba pdc?

If i add a user on windows machine and the user is of group
administrators works ok because i can install a program with
this perms. The problem is that i don't want add all users on all
computers with group administrator

i'm using openldap and when i user log in samba pdc the user
exists on ldap but not on windows

thanks and sorry for my bad english

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