[Samba] AD and home directory on Linux

Turbo Fredriksson turbo at bayour.com
Wed Apr 21 14:41:50 GMT 2004

I'm trying to get my home directory (automaticly) mounted from the
AD server via SMB - I can't (don't want to) use NFS, because that
fucks up the file modes (even with SFU it's not compatible enough).

Using LibNSS/LDAP and LibPAM/{LDAP,Krb5} will authenticate me,
get me a ticket and overall work exactly as planed.

However, my home directory isn't availible (I had to create an
empty directory, so that the nss/pam stuff will work - if the
directory doesn't exists login is denied).

Trying to use 'smbmount' fails if using 'krb' as auth method:

----- s n i p -----
turbo at tuzjfi:~$ smbmount //majorskan/turbo /mnt/turbo -o krb
Warning: kerberos support will only work for samba servers
Anonymous login successful
12034: tree connect failed: ERRDOS - ERRnoaccess (Access denied.)
SMB connection failed
----- s n i p -----

TUZJFI is the Linux client (a SS5 running Debian GNU/Linux semi-
stable) and 'majorskan' is a 'Windows 2k3 Advanced Server'. Using
username/password option works though (but only as root) so I'm
half way there :)

----- s n i p -----
[tuzjfi.pts/2]# smbmount //majorskan/turbo /mnt/turbo -o username=turbo,password=turbo
[tuzjfi.pts/2]# file /mnt/turbo
/mnt/turbo: directory
----- s n i p -----

What's a little 'disturbing' is the warning and 'anon login' msgs
from smbmount...

>From what I can tell, I can't use AutoFS, because that needs a
password and that's not possible for site-wide setup (to many
users, to many passwords :).

Any ideas anyone?
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